What is it? 
It’s nothing new, actually. I mean, it’s not an innovative method. But I found it joyful to do daily and gets me excited to wash my face. Anything that will gets me excited during this pandemic are very much welcome, thank you.
Just like the name said, it is supposedly to be done when our skin is dry. Basically, it’s cleansing with face wash while our skin is completely dry. Meaning, you don’t need to wet your face with water before applying, but still need to rinse afterwards. 

Why dry cleansing?
It supposedly is the best way to deep cleanse our skin. Imagine all the good ingredients in the face wash are able to work straight on skin. I believe this method is great for pores (so if you have clogged pores problem, read on). 

What products do I use? 
From my own experiences, not every face wash can do this dry cleansing. IMHO, the best face wash that’s perfect for dry cleansing is a cleansing foam. Well, it’s already foamed, so just apply and massage them directly onto your skin. Also, I do recommend a great pH balanced foaming cleanser. Usually what won’t work for dry cleansing is a cleanser with a gel format. Liquid face wash can still do it, but I personally recommend cleansing foam to make our life easier. 

It’s sulfate-free and soap-free. This glides so luxuriously, no kidding!

After dry cleansing, I usually leave this on like a mask for 5 minutes. 

Does it work? 
If it doesn’t work, I wouldn’t bother to write this post. Since I’ve started doing this method, I rarely got tiny bumps aka clogged pores. And I notice less dirt and impurities while using toner afterward. 


  • Please consult with your dermatologist first before doing this dry cleansing, especially if you have reactive acnes or any skin problems like eczema and such. 
  • For more deep cleansing, try dry cleansing with face cleansing brush (either manual or machine like Foreo or Clarisonic). But don’t do it every day as it may aggravate your skin. 
  • Do dry cleansing for at least one minute, to properly clean the whole face. 
  • Please continue with the next step of skincare routine such as toner and moisturiser. Don’t just wash and go. 
  • Listen to your own skin. Do you need to dry cleanse twice a day, or just once.