If you’re familiar with their previous Chamomile line, Pure Calmille, this is the new version. A range of skincare for sensitive skin, with wild chamomile cultivated in their own La Gacilly organic fields. Even though it’s dedicated for sensitive skin, actually all skin types can use this range, especially when our skin reacted to certain stuffs. 

You see, our skin condition might change due to climate, pollution, harsh products and hormonal. These things might also affect the skin’s barrier, thus make our skin reactive. Some might experienced itchiness, redness or tightness, basically all the feeling of discomfort. It’s great to know that this range will not only soothe skin when shitty things happened, but they will also strengthen our skin. 

Being Yves Rocher, the packaging in this range is 100% recyclable plastic, and there are no artificial scent and colouring used. Yes, the cardboard is also recyclable. They didn’t waste anything from the chamomile, the flowers, leaves and stems are used to create these products. They use 98% natural ingredients, with 0% mineral oil, silicone, alcohol and fragrance. 

OK, let’s start with the review!


Y’all know how I love to double cleanse, even though I’m not using makeup on daily basis, but I’m still using sunscreen. Somehow, I just feel cleaner when I use cleansing oil before moving on to second cleanser. The first ingredient on the list is Sunflower Seed Oil, a non-comedogenic carrier oil and known to be less irritating. There’s a hint of relaxing Chamomile scent, it glides easily and emulsified like most cleansing oils that I’ve tried. No slippery after-feel which I like, and it rinses easily.


Usually I use Micellar Water in the morning to wipe off all the night time skincare products on my face. However this is my personal preference. For fungal acne warrior, you’d be glad to know that based on the ingredients list on the packaging, it’s safe for fungal acne. 


Now, this is interesting. It’s not a foamy cleanser, mind you. But I believe this is great for dry cleansing technique. Apply on dry skin (I prefer to use this in the morning after Micellar Water), and massage for one minute, then rinse off with warm water. I always recommend to rinse cleanser with warm water to minimise the slippery after-feel.


It’s a moisturizer in a light texture with a hint of natural chamomile flowers’ fragrance. I thought it’s going to be more like a light lotion, but once I spread it, it’s more like a water-cream (disappear without a trace). Great for normal to oily skin due to its’ texture and absorb power. However, it’s not giving you that dead matte finish (if you’re expecting one). 


If you have normal to dry skin, you’ll love this moisturizer. They named this as a balm, but I did find the texture more like a thicker lotion. And I’m surprised how easy it absorbed on dry skin. It feels comfortable on dry skin and also gives a dewy effect. 


Another interesting product from this range. It is green in color, but they don’t use artificial color. Instead they used chlorophyll from Chamomile’s stems. This cream is like a tone-up cream, but instead of brightening the whole face, this will reduce and correct redness. I apply this on red spots only (usually around my nose and chin) in the morning on top of moisturizer and before sunscreen. I believe from all the products in this range, this one is more scented than the others. 

You can buy the whole range here.