Even though most of us #stayathome most of the time during the pandemic, I believe that we still have to take care of our good habit pre-pandemic. You know, like taking a bath, scrub once a week and slather on some good smelling body lotion to complete the body regime. 

You see, I believe that you don’t try to smell and feel good for other people, you smell and feel good for yourself. 

Lately I’ve been into this body range from Scarlett by Felicya Angelista, a local brand that has a lot of good reviews on the net. Priced at IDR75K/each, they already registered to BPOM and not tested on animal. So, I decided to try the whole range from Body Scrub, Shower Scrub & Body Lotion. They contain Glutathione and Vitamin E, known to brighten, moisten and good for skin nutrition.

Scroll down for the reviews and to find out my favourite. 

Pomegranate & Mango Brightening Shower Scrub

Shower Gel and Scrub in one. Perfect for lazy days when I don’t feel like heavy rinsing. Look closely and you will see grains in blue and red, and they are the type of grains that didn’t burst instantly when you apply. I found it satisfying because the grains will be there quite a while on your skin until you rub properly and wash them off. They are very easy to rinse and didn’t leave any slippery residue. It foams up well and the fruity fragrance is long lasting, though I prefer Mango than Pomegranate scent. As you can see, Pomegranate comes in a purple shade while Mango comes in a yellow shade. 

Brightening Body Scrub

If you love stronger scrub, you will love this. Personally, I use this once a week as my weekly treatment. This has thick milky white texture with soft grains. I used to love doing Lulur in Indonesian-style spas monthly pre-pandemic, but now I prefer to do it myself at home, just to be safe. I apply on dry skin before taking a shower, leave them on for 3 minutes then rinse off with warm water and shower gel. Very good to scrub off those dry flaky skin, especially around darker areas of the body like armpits, elbows and knees. 

Brightening Body Lotion

I do recommend using body lotion after any scrubbing, and I appreciate body lotion in a pump packaging. It made my life easier, especially this one has a safety lock on it, so it is travel friendly. With a milky white lotion texture, I found it easier to apply when my skin is damp (not completely dry). With this trick, I found them easier to absorb and dry without any sticky feeling. As for the scent, I have Freshy and Charming. If you love fresh floral scent, you will love Freshy that reminds me a lot of Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Eau de Cologne. If you love floral and woody scent, you will love Charming that reminds me of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat. 

Where to buy? I purchased these at Scarlett Official Shop in Shopee, when they have a promotion package (5 for IDR300K) with exclusive box and free gift. Yes, at this challenging time we’d better safe up for rainy days ahead.