Personally, I always believe in the power of great cleanser. It’s a “Make It or Break It” situation for me.

Yes, serums are great, actives are great, but really what cleanse our skin thoroughly is cleanser. Now, I’ll be discussing about a different type of ‘just face cleanser’, they are called ENZYME CLEANSER.

First thing first, what the heck is Enzyme? Well, I did some research online and Enzyme is a “chemical that speed up the rate of a reaction between two substances without being consumed themselves. Enzyme works by breaking down that keratin protein to reveal smoother skin.”

Do we really need this type of cleanser? Well, as you might know, we all need exfoliation. Some (like myself) might depend only on chemical exfoliation, just because physical exfoliation (traditional scrubs) can be too rough on sensitive skin. But if chemical exfoliation is also too tough on your skin, because you simply can’t take the actives, you might try this enzyme cleansing method. It is noticeably one of the softest way to break down dead skin cells and other impurities. So, if you have oily and easily congested skin but very sensitive to harsh exfoliation, give enzyme cleanser a try. Please do treat this as a second cleanser, use your regular first cleanser to remove makeup.

There are currently two forms of enzyme cleansers out there:


Yes, in a powder cleanser form. It literally contains no water, very concentrated formula that will go farther than liquid cleanser.


Made in Japan, they’re individually packed and contains soybean milk filtrate (for that enzyme action) and silk powder to soften skin.

How to use? When water is added, the powder will become gentle exfoliating foam. Open one package, place the powder on the palm of your hand, add a drop of warm water and work up a gentle lather. Apply on face and rinse off as usual.

Pros: very travel-friendly, and because they come in a dry form, they’re usually have longer expiry period.

Cons: they look like detergent (LOL), can be messy if you have shaky hands and not safe for fungal acne.


Some said that cleanser in a gel form will actually lessen skin irritation, therefore it’s recommended for sensitive skin. And one of the many fews that have enzyme cleanser in a gel form, is MARIO BADESCU ENZYME CLEANSING GEL. No wonder they claim this as their best-selling face wash. Even though they do recommend to cleanse twice daily with this cleanser, but personally I use this as a night cleanser with my Foreo. It contains Papaya and Grapefruit extract which are known for their exfoliating properties to remove buildup (the cause of blackheads and pimples).

Pros: available in Indonesia.

Con: not paraben free & fragranced