Personally, I prefer to use ampoule and skip moisturizer when my fungal acne attacks. But, why ampoule? You might ask.

My current Ampoules Collection

Well, did you notice that most of ampoule comes in smaller bottle (except the Skin 1004 ones)? It’s because they are mostly very concentrated, and we only need up to 3 drops each time. Ampoule is like an extra booster of help, when your skin needs it the most. That’s why you can skip ampoule step if your skin doesn’t need any help and already in its’ tip top condition.

So, if you want to jump to this ampoule wagon, please note that the general rule is to apply essence, serum then ampoule. But, that depends on what kind of texture it has. Just remember to use the thin texture first, than move on the thickest.

Let me tell you why I love these ampoules for my fungal acne prone skin.

The biggest bottle of Ampoule

I’m going to start with Skin 1004 Madagascar Centella Asiatica 100. It comes with a huge 100 ml pipet glass bottle (which I never brought to travel with me, for sure!). As Centella Asiatica is a plant that is rich in saponins and is an anti-inflammatory, I believe this ampoule calm my redness and help reducing rashes, including fungal acne which mostly attacked my temple area. I use this every morning, because it’s not sticky and good for layering under makeup.

My PM Ampoule

Moving on to Leegeehaam Grow Vita Propolis Ampoule. I used raw honey mask to help tone down my fungal acne. So no surprised when I tried propolis, it did good as well. It contains a whipping 50% propolis extract, which is basically a combination of beeswax, enzymes and tree sap used by bees to seal, disinfect and waterproof their hive. You see, propolis has powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. However, this might feel sticky when used alone. So I like to mix it with Paula’s Choice 10% Niacinamide Booster and apply at night. This will give instant glow when applied (yes, even at night I want my skin to glow, LOL).

Last but not least, the latest find of mine: CNP Laboratory Mugener Ampoule. My first encounter with the brand and snail mucus. And thankfully, it did just fine for my fungal-acne and the rest of my face. This works to relieve redness, calms blemished skin and soothes sensitive skin. This has the thickest texture out of two ampoules above and the most hydrating, too. First applied, it will be sticky but soon disappeared after few pats. The only con, it’s a bit hard to pull the pipet out of the glass bottle. Can’t do it with one hand if I’m in a hurry.