For those who are scared of the risks and side effects of dermabrasion, chemical peeling and laser-resurfacing, Microneedle therapy is the one way to go. It is one of the proven skin therapy used by most dermatologists, to reduce and soften scars, fine lines and large pores. Since I do have large pores, uneven skin texture and many scars left (from facial back in the old days and currently cauter’s scars), I decided to purchase microneedle roller for at home treatment.

I stumbled upon this brand named ORA ( from Los Angeles, US. They have a few ranges available, but I decided to start with the lowest needle depth (0,25mm). Why? Because the longer the needles, the deeper the wound, causing it to bleed (which also means longer recovery time). Usually dermatologists will go with longer needle, and they’ll use topical anesthetic before the procedure. But with 0,25mm needle depth, there’s no need to apply topical anesthetic because it won’t cause any bleeding on skin. The worst thing that can happen to your skin with this needle depth is redness, but it’ll go away overnight.

There are 540 stainless steel needles (don’t worry they are extremely fine), that they claimed will help penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Result? Thicker, healthier skin and a smoother appearance to areas with wrinkles and scars. Obviously, pores will open due to the needle action, but this will help to increase absorption and penetration of skincare afterwards.

Is it painful? Well, beauty is pain, dear. It won’t make you bleed (if you use 0,25mm needle like me), but you can certainly feel something. If you have thin skin like mine, 10 times back and forth rolling will be enough to make the skin looks red. Because it basically pricked the skin, of course it’ll make skin felt pricked. But no worries, that minor pain (more like a sunburn pain) will be gone overnight, so I do recommend to do the rolling at night time before you go to sleep.


  • Dip the roller inside alcohol to disinfect before and after use. Usually I left mine for 10 minutes. Let it dry before using.
  • Skip eyes area, as the skin there are a lot thinner.
  • Always do the rolling on clean and dry skin.
  • Don’t press too hard, just let it roll in each direction (horizontally, vertically and diagonally) for 5-10 times.
  • Use a powerful serum straight after you roll. My favorite is Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop that will tone down the redness.
  • Skip active ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and tretinoin after rolling. Instead, stick to your basic skincare routine.


  • Let your skin breathe by skipping makeup within 24 hours after doing the rolling.
  • Don’t use this on open wounds (that include active acnes). Mind you, this is not a pimple roller.
  • Don’t skip sunscreen the morning after.
  • Just like your toothbrush, please do not share roller with anyone.
  • I do this once a week every Friday night, because I rarely go out on Saturday. Use your best judgment on how often should you roll, depending on how your skin takes it.