For me, this year it was all about dealing with fungal acne issues and how to avoid them for coming back. Yes, once you have it, you know that beastly yeasts are there waiting to attack you again and again.

My first sign of fungal acne popped out on my temple. Then, when I forgot to take care of my neck, they appeared on the edge between my face and my neck. How irritating.

But, as they said, learning by doing. I got used to the symptoms already, and immediately will take action when needed. Here’s how I deal with mine.

Use this twice a day, religiously

The first sign of itchiness, go apply Nizoral on clean dry skin (after cleansing and toning). Use this as the very last step (skip moisturizer) and usually the itchiness will be gone asap. The rashes/textures will disappear within 3 days max.

For natural options, you can apply raw honey (yes, only use raw honey) on clean, dry skin as a facial mask. Leave as long as you can handle the stickiness. Rinse with warm water.

Use these only on good skin days

Skip facial oil and sheet mask. Based on my personal experiences, these two will just make fungal acne worse.

My favorite micellar water ever

Seriously, you don’t need oil to dissolve oil from makeup or SPF. Skip cleansing oil and balm (good luck of finding the fungal-acne safe ones), and opt for micellar water.

Morning Routine

Do skincare diet. Girl, you don’t really need those ten steps, really. Currently I’m doing 6 in the morning (facial wash, exfoliating toner, hydrating toner, serum, moisturizer, SPF) and lesser at night (micellar water, facial wash, exfoliating toner, hydrating toner, spot treatment or serum).

PM Routine

Learn about what ingredients worked best for you. I visit often to read and learn about which ingredients are safe for fungal-acne.

Last but not least, do not pick at your fungal-acne. Avoid scratching and (worst) using comedo remover to suck them out. Mostly, fungal acne don’t carry pus inside, so there’s no use of trying that will lead you to more problems like scarring.

Here’s to a fungal-acne free skin in 2019!