I know I’ve been posting a lot about makeup products review, but lately I am so into skin care.

Usually my skin care routine is just too darn simple. Morning: facial cleanser, hydrating mist (like Avene) and sunscreen (Biore). Night: micellar water (Bioderma), cleansing oil (Biore), facial cleanser, hydrating mist, acne cream and eye cream.

After my last trip to Seoul and Tokyo, I was inspired by the whole skin care products that they have there. Yes, I believe they are blessed with better water and weather, therefore they have better skin. But their skin care regimen that went viral globally, had me at hello!

So, am I a team J (Japanese) Beauty or K (Korean) Beauty?

Obviously, I’ve tried both, and mixed them in my skincare routine (day and night). What I’ve noticed about Korean brands, they put more thoughts on packaging and regime steps (hello 7 toner method and 10 steps). Not to mention, they’re also the fastest to pick up new natural ingredients. Meanwhile, Japanese brands are more straightforward in regime and packaging. Even though, sometime they will collaborate with Disney to make their packaging more princessy. I do believe in both of them, in terms of quality.

Here are my current K-skincare products I’m using.DSCF6097 copy

NATURE REPUBLIC SOOTHING & MOISTURE ALOE VERA 92% SOOTHING GEL: I purchased this online, because of their hype. I think I’m allergic to the alcohol inside the ingredient, because my forehead seems to have more whiteheads after I use this. Fortunately, this is good to tone down skin redness for my kids. So I’m using it for them now.

NEOGEN CANADIAN CLAY PORE CLEANSER: very innovative product, I purchased this when I went to Seoul. It’s actually a mask/soft scrub/cleanser. When applied, they will form foam. Massage and rinse, my face feel so clean and bright afterwards.

NATURAL PACIFIC CALENDULA TONER: Seriously looking beautiful on my vanity with fresh calendula leaves floating around inside a clear bottle. No scent, this toner is so refreshing.

WHAMISA ORGANIC FLOWERS REFRESH TONER: I heard about this brand from a friend who has skin like the Koreans. Because I have oily skin, I choose to purchase the green bottle over the famous pink ones. This is my second toner to be use for 7 steps of toner (yes, I do that!)

INNISFREE IT’S REAL SQUEEZE ALOE MASK: A sheet mask is a winner for me if it’s not dripping. I like how this mask contains serum that is light. Great to use for long haul flight to feel refresh and moisturized.

These are the J-skincare products I currently use.

DSCF6095 copy

HADALABO ULTIMATEMOISTURIZING LIGHT LOTION: very cheap first toner, yet very effective. I love how the stickiness suddenly disappeared when tapped well.

ROSETTE CLEANSING PASTE: facial foam to use for double cleanse purpose. Love the soft scent and the super clean feeling after wash.

DHC DEEP CLEANSING OIL: I was super shocked when I read somewhere that ordinary micellar water couldn’t remove sunscreen from our face. After that, I quickly switched to cleansing oil to remove my makeup in the end of my day. And I am glad I made the right choice. Maybe after this, I will try cleansing balm.

KANEBO SUISAI BEAUTY CLEAR POWDER: Such a practical product for traveling. This is a cleansing powder, individually package in petite hexagon shape plastic container. One is meant for a single use, just add water. It contains no fragrance, and unlike any face wash plus exfoliator out there in the market, this has the most fine beads. Super gentle on skin.

HATOMUGI MIST THERMAL WATER: I purchased this in one of Tokyo’s drugstore. I didn’t use Hatomugi Skin Conditioner for my face because it gave me bumps, but I use it to spray my hair. So yes, I use this to spray my hair too. It brings my curls back, that out of the bed look achieved!