Time to say au revoir to those matte lipsticks, it is 2017 people!

Thank heaven I am in the beauty business, as rapid changes intrigued me. I got bored easily, especially when it comes to makeup, so when new trends or products or brands come along, I am super excited beyond words.

Enter GUERLAIN LA PETITE ROBE NOIRE DELICIOUSLY SHINY LIP COLOUR. Thanks Guerlain Indonesia for sending me this lipstick to review.

First of all, the packaging. It is the resemblance of La Petite Robe Noire’s original perfume bottle. The transparent case allows us to catch a glimpse of the shade. As the name already stated, it does deliver shiny color. It comes with fruity and floral scent from La Petite Robe Noir Fragrance. At first, I am quite skeptical about this lipstick because of those two factors: shiny and fragrant, just because I am so used to matte and lightly scented lipsticks (which is so 2016 by the way).

Mine is #13 Leather Blazer. It is a plum shade with pearl pigments. If you see it did match my gel nails.

DSCF1308 copy

The fun part of this lipstick, it is very buildable. To create natural effect, just apply one coat.

Two layers for casual chic effect.

And….three for sophisticated glamorous effect. So it’s either sheer, bright or bold kind of look, only by using one lipstick.

Final Verdict: it is very creamy for a glossy lipstick. It creates those stain/glossy look without the feeling of stickiness. As for the staying power, well…it is a gloss so what do you expect? But at least it didn’t flake or crack. Let me remind you once again, that this lipstick is fragranced. And it lingers quite a while, so yeah if you’re not into fragranced lipstick, you won’t like this one. For IDR 440K a pop, it’s not cheap either, but at least it looks great on the vanity and when you apply it in public.