When I received the invitation from The Papilion, little I know that I’ll try one of the trendiest coffee in the world.

This ain’t no ordinary KOPI TUBRUK, for sure. With special device named SIPHON, the barista will brew your coffee in front of you. So, how does it work? Check out my video post in my instagram (@shintarosvita). I tell you, it’s like watching a scientist doing science experiment 🙂

There are two glasses compartments, and the barista will fill the bottom one with hot water (approx. 90 degrees Celsius).

Then he’ll heat the bottom glass, vapor pressure forces the water to go up into
the upper glass.

Then coffee grounds went in (I tried the 60% Robusta and 40% Arabica which is not too bitter nor sour and perfect with strawberry shortcake as the pair).

After the barista stirred, the mixed coffee is pulled back down into the lower glass, via coffee filter which located on the bottom of the upper glass.

After a while, the bottom glass filled with filtered brewed coffee. The whole process took about 4 minutes.

Siphon coffee is popular in the United States and Japan, and The Papilion uses one of the most popular system used in cafes hail from Japan, HARIO. This unique method of coffee making will insures the finest cup of coffee by actually filtering the coffee and not destroying its original flavor. Don’t just take it from me, you gotta try it to believe it. You
too can enjoy this special coffee next week at Huize Van Wely at The Papilion.