It has been a lot of gloomy days right here in Jakarta, Indonesia. Raining non-stop and the weather is just bad. When gloomy days happened, personally I love to pop some brightness on my makeup routine. And the easiest is just put on that bright lips, pronto!

Good people at L’Oréal sent me a bunch of their latest Infallible range, and these lipsticks named LE ROUGE are just a few of them. 

The packaging is slimmer than the standard lipsticks, but it’s definitely not a slim ones. Not as chubby, not as slim. Medium size, I might say.

They look matte on the tube, but once applied, they’re very creamy and shiny. 

I believe L’Oréal steps up their lipstick game with these babies. The formula really delivers bold and vivid color on the lips. Plus they added vitamin E to keep lips moist and comfortable. One swipe is enough as the shade really popped out.

They claimed this to last up to 10 hours, but after drinking and eating they might slipped and need to reapply. I recommend to use lip liner beforehand, so they won’t bleed. And to protect furthermore, just blot after applying with a piece of tissue. At these swatches below, I didn’t use any lipliner and lip balm. Please mind my dry skin around the mouth area (if you noticed, LOL).

REFINED RUBY = bright fuchsia

RAVISHING RED = coralish red

PERSISTENT PLUM = dark plum, a bit vampish (my fave!)