This hip local beauty brand just launched their latest shade today.

ROLLOVER REACTION already had 8 permanent shades and 1 limited edition shade in their line. And this February (16 February to be exact), they will launch their latest shade in collaboration with Hellua (known as @thelipstickmafiaaa on instagram) and Pola Artistry who designed the product identity for the packaging. Just like their previous shades’ names which taken from the Beatles’ songs, this gleaming shade was named PENNY (taken from Penny Lanes). 

It took more than 6 months for them to create Penny, from picking the right shade until the perfect visual for the packaging. As the previous shades, this is not just a lipstick, people! They’re all named SUEDED! Lip & Cheek Cream. So yeah, they can be use for lips, cheeks and eyes if you wish. 

What differ Penny from the others in their existing line? If the others have velvet matte texture, Penny has a slightly different formula but the same scent. A new take on matte, indeed. It’s still matte, but with a touch of pearlescent glow. A bit metallic, I might say. Its’ rosy bronze shade really looks good on Hellua which has warm undertone (most Indonesians have this skin tone). 

I’m a bit on the lighter side of skin tone (read: pale), so this is how Penny looks like on the back of my hand and on my lips. 

Check out me and Hellua rocked Penny on the event today. I used Penny as the lip topper, and Hellua applied on top of SADDIE (one of the permanent shade from Rollover Reaction), and she also used Penny on her eyes & cheeks. She’s glowing, right? 

Instead of the differences on how Penny will look like on different skin tone like most of the lipsticks out there, I believe this shade will look good on everyone. Unlike other metallic shades (most of them are International brands), Penny pops to the most subtle possible. It’s a very fresh version of metallic lipstick trend, perfect for those who want to highlight your pouts. Not just that (unless you’ve been living under a rock), metallic lids will be big this year. So yeah, play up your makeup game and wait for Penny to launch on Rollover Reaction’s website, here on February 16, 2017. Remember, Penny is a limited edition shade. If it’s gone, it’s gone!

Lucky me. Not just bringing home Penny with a special box, surprise…surprise I won the door prize from their sponsors today. Double score, indeed. LOL. Thanks Rollover Reaction for having me at your Penny Soiree today.