Indonesians love Body Massage, me included.

Lucky us, spa treatment here is more affordable than the rest of the countries in the world I’ve visited in my life. And their treatments are much better, IMHO.

For us, Jakartans, just seating down in a car, (or worse) driving the car, can wreck havoc to our body, because of the darn traffic. So…yeah…we need spa treatment every weekend. And guess what? This specific spa treatment in GAYA SPA JAKARTA is recommended to do once a week. And it only took us 60 minutes to do so.

They do have lots of traditional massages, from Java to Sumatra and Sulawesi, but last week I went there to try their TRADITIONAL BODY MASSAGE TREATMENT: a deeper layer massage using thumbs and long strokes, which claimed to help release muscle tension and improve blood circulation.

When I entered the spa, it was really quiet, such a contrast with all the construction that happened outside (because it’s located on a really crowded street). SInce they’re using Spa Essentia products, we can see a whole array of the products on display. 

My room which named Martup is the couple’s room, it was huge with a separate shower and bathtub. 

First thing, foot bath with flowers and essential oil. Very relaxing first step before the body treatment. 

My therapist, Lili used her gentle yet powerful strokes with warm essential oil for the massage which felt heavenly. After the treatment, she recommended not to take a bath at least an hour after the treatment, because my pores were open due to the massage. She offered warm towel wipes, but I decided to let it be and went around afterwards with massage oil on my skin LOL. Luckily, it didn’t feel as sticky as I thought. 

After the treatment was done, the therapist brought your choice of hot drink to the room. I opted for their ginger tea which tasted really good.

This is a nice place to visit for traditional spa treatments, the ambience supported the feel and the whole treatment was heavenly. I’ll be back for sure to try their other treatments.

Remember to call first before your treatment to do reservation. Visit their website here for more infos.