….. give different kind of roses. 


For this Valentine’s Day collection, Diptyque collaborated with Antoinette Poisson, famous illustrators known as creator and restorer of Domino Paper. You see, domino paper aka decorated paper reached their peak in the 18th century and used to cover books, boxes and wall. Antoinette designed two exclusive motifs for Diptyque Rosa Mundi, one floral and one geometrical to wrapped this whole collection. The name Rosa Mundi was inspired by the forbidden love story between King Henry II of England and his mistress, Rosamund Clifford. She was famed for her beauty and often called “Rose of the World”. It was quite a scandalous legend, as she died because King Henry II’s Queen, Eleanor poisoned Rosamund. After she passed away, King Henry II still put roses (known as the flower of love) on her grave. 

Back to now …. the aim of this fragrance is to bring back the diversity of scent of roses in bloom. The rose from Damascus, the Damascene, is harvested in May in the mountains of Ispartha in Turkey; the May rose, Centifolia, known as the hundred-petalled-rose due the profusion of the latter, is grown in the Grasse region in France. 

There were Rosa Mundi before, which also came in candles, EDT, solid perfume and scented oval. So, the fragrance remains the same this year, except for EAU DOMINOTÉE. Multi-use water, with added geranium and patchouli, that can be worn as perfume, sprayed into the air, or fragranced the fabrics.