Yes, it’s already December, my favorite month ever.

Time to spread some joy and gifts, people. While personalized gift is nice, cake and cookies are a showstopping for everyone. 

Browse here for festive cakes & cookies from Huize Van Wely, specially shaped & decorated into holiday essentials for Christmas. Warning: all of them are so instagramable!

Christmas won’t be complete without Santa Claus. This made with marzipan & chocolate, kids will love it.

Chef Alexis Gudimard from Huize Van Wely explained to me that it only took him 15 minutes to decorate the most difficult cake.

Christmas Angel Cake

Choices…choices…. If you want to try them on spot, opt for smaller pastries. 

Exclusively available at Huize Van Wely for Christmas, you can get this at The Papilion, Jakarta, Indonesia.