Welcoming FLORMAR to Jakarta, Indonesia!

And yes…yours truly will be the host next week on their launching event alongside my fellow influencers, Paola Tambunan, Suhay Salim, Cindy Karmoko, Hellua and Jovi Adhiguna Hunter. I am beyond excited and my readers in Jakarta, Indonesia, please feel free to come to this event, as they will have nail art, free makeover and also photo booth. 

So what’s exactly FLORMAR? It’s a beauty brand established in Milan, Italy and produced in Turkey. According to 2014 data of Euromonitor, the world’s leading market research company, FLORMAR is the number one makeup brand of Turkey. And now, they are available in Indonesia. 

Check this racks out!

Price wise, they are super affordable (eyeshadow not more than IDR 100K), considering they have their own flagship stores in big malls. Can’t wait to play around with colors on their flagship store soon, and I hope to see you girls around. Till then, happy weekend y’all.