The collection is Renaissance arrives at Studio 54—I like to talk in more than one language. Fashion isn’t about going in just one direction; I think it’s very contemporary to have many different inspirations.

Gucci Creative Director

Last week I went to see Gucci’s Fall Winter 2016 private viewing cocktail party. 

And I stumbled upon these. Too bad they don’t have the Gucci Ghost version. But I love the red ones, what do you think?

Darn it! I just realised that tote matched my outfit of that day! *drool*

Even though they don’t carry the Ghost tote..they have the pouch!

This red pouch is located on the men’s section, so yeah..I explored men’s one before the ladies.

Those Princetown tartan slippers for guys is just to die for!

Then off to the ladies….

I swear to God if I don’t have to save for this year end of holiday’s trip, I’ll snag these metallic mid-heel pumps. Seriously, mid-heel is the ‘it’ height to be seen these days..what stilettos?

And last but definitely not least: the sneakers. These are the same type of sneakers that Taylor Swift worn (google them, you’ll find the pic).