This wonderful product by DIPTYQUE surely arrived at never better timing. 

I was watching tutorial by Wayne Goss (I’m a huge fan, by the way!) and it was a tutorial video on how we can make our foundation works better. Wayne suggested a drop of oil (whatever as long as it’s not lavender) and my beauty fairy seems to hear my wish. Came along DIPTYQUE INFUSED FACE OIL.

I mean, who doesn’t love their luxurious candles with their wonderful scents? The thrill when we open the box and smell the scent coming out was pretty magical, and so it did when I unboxed this on instagram. 


The scent didn’t come up like when we opened the candle box. But take a deep look on that bottle!!! To see rose petals floating around inside the bottle was pretty magical for me. It’s so gorgeous!! Very Diptyque, I might say. 

And when I opened the luxurious dropper bottle, the fragrance blew my mind. It’s not rose per se, more to powdery iris & almond scent. And being a dry oil, it feels light on skin and absorb really well. A part of L’Art du Soin for the Face, DIPTYQUE INFUSED FACE OIL claimed to boosts radiance, revitalizes & smoothes. 

Inspired by Wayne Goss’ tutorial on youtube, I decided to mix this with my regular foundation. Let’s see how it goes!

As you can see, it looked way better when I mixed my foundation with this oil. It feels better on my skin and blended very well too. My skin looks healthy and radiant, I’m very pleased beyond words with the result. I believe my lines look softened and my foundation didn’t set on my lines. 

There are many recommended ways to use this oil. We can apply this by its’ own as morning & night time skin routine, use it for face massage or mix it with your regular face cream to boost more radiance.