It took me awhile to buy this super famous lipstick from Kylie Jenner.

Why? Because online shipping from KylieCosmetics.com is surely not available to ship to Indonesia where I live. But then if they can do it, the tax will be absurd..more than the price of the kit itself. And….the online shops here are charging us cray cray. Some sold them for almost IDR700K per kit (while it cost only USD$29 online on KylieCosmetics). It almost doubled the original price when converted to our currency.

So I decided to wait until the whole hype is cooling down, with the hope that the price will decrease. And they did! So I bought CANDY K LIP KIT for IDR600K (including shipping-not bad) from my regular online shop here in Indonesia.

I picked this shade because I believe I haven’t had this colour in my collection. After the unboxing video happened, first thing first…the scent. The liquid lipstick does have a quite strong scent..like vanilla/butterscotch scent. But the scent won’t stay there forever after applied. The texture is quite liquidy but after applied, it turned matte shortly. The wand is long, so it does make applying session more easy and picked up the liquid in enough portion for one use. I believe one layer is enough, as if you piled it up it might get cracky.

Have to admit…I looovvveee the lip liner. It is very opaque in texture but not drying at all. I never attempt to fill the whole lips with the pencil though, but for lining…it is the champion so far! Minus factor: this ain’t no automatic ones, so have to sharpen manually.

Don’t you think this shade looks very photogenic? I love how it felt on my lips..it’s not super drying (you still need to moisturise before applying this), and somehow I believe my lips look plumper and bigger when I use this. Still far from Kylie’s though..LOL.

As for the longevity…it might slipped off if you eat oily foods (especially on inner lips), but it won’t transfer on a cup when you drink. Touch up is needed, but do make sure you wipe the whole thing off before, as it might get tacky if you applied on top of the previous one.

Final verdict: come to think of it, the quality comes with the price. Since they come in pair (lip liner and liquid lipstick), somehow it sounds affordable for this super hype brand. Anyway, high end lipsticks can go way beyond for just the lipstick itself. But my suggestion for all Indonesians who want to buy this online in Indonesia..don’t pay more than IDR600K.