I’m a new comer in this liquid foundation saga, actually. I used to wear compact foundation in powder texture because I believe it will help me look matte all day long. Well….I was kinda wrong. Though it did look matte when applied, compact foundation have its’ cons. In some dry areas, compact foundation can look unnatural (like people can tell if you’re wearing foundation), and for dry skin it might result in cracks along side of nose, under the eyes and smile lines. Not good.

That’s why these days I believe in the power of liquid foundation. As I age and so does my skin, liquid foundation really does help in terms of even out my skin tone and if I chose the right one (shades and textures wise), it can do even more, like conceal imperfections and create those clean & flawless look.

And this foundation was sent to me by Shiseido. At the box it stated: “An intelligent, long-lasting foundation that beautifully enhances your complexion with vibrance. Flawlessly undetectable. Like it belongs to your skin”. WOW! It had me at everything they stated already. So, here goes my review.


Packaging: comes in 30ml frosted glass bottle with pump. One pump is definitely enough for the whole face and neck lines.

Shade: mine is Rose 3, because I have pink undertone. But they have neutral shades for more neutral undertones and golden shades for yellow undertones.

Texture: light but not watery. Very pigmented yet super easy to blend with sponge. And the fact that they come with SPF20, scored!


Voila! That’s me after using the foundation.

I like the fact that it did settle very well on my combination skin, I’m really oily on T-Zone and dry on the rest. I only use under eye concealer on the pic above, so this foundation really gives that good coverage without feeling heavy. And it lasts throughout the day without getting cracky. Of course, I applied moisturiser beforehand and set with setting powder for more matte look. But I believe with this foundation, you can skip powder for that natural look. Give it a try and you won’t believe how comfortable this foundation sits on your skin.