Well, it did what they stated on the product. SHISEIDO PERFECT CLEANSING OIL.

For me, double cleanse is a must. No matter how late I went home or how tired and stressful I am, I wouldn’t sleep with my makeup on. And since I wear makeup everyday, my skin deserves to ‘breathe’ perfectly at night.

I have to admit, it was quite a struggle finding the right first cleanser to remove makeup and dirt. I started using cleansing milk as teenager, because it was the only makeup remover available on the market at that time. Imagine how many cotton pads had been wasted by me. LOL.

By time, there are cleansing water and cleansing oil. As an avid user of waterproof and long lasting makeup, I’ve tried some of both. I have to admit, cleansing water is good for oily skin, but for powerful waterproof makeup, it just didn’t cleanse well. As for oil, some that I’ve tried previously, are either to sticky for my oily skin, some stung my eyes, and blurred my vision. Not good.

Until I found Shiseido Perfect Cleansing Oil.


With key ingredients such as mineral oil, glycerin & grapeseed oil and minimal floral scent, this cleansing oil is my current favorite for my double cleanse routine. I believe oil remove makeup and dirt better than cleansing water, because as you might already know…some makeup do contain oil. So yeah, oil meets oil!

How to apply? They recommend three pumps on the instruction leaflet, but two pumps are enough for me. Pour onto palm then rub directly on face. After a few rubs, add a bit water, rub more until it emulsified. Then rinse with more water.

The texture is clear like water and more liquidy than other cleansing oils that I’ve tried, making this cleansing oil the most lightweight. At my video above, I applied matte liquid lipstick and waterproof eyeliner pencil which I found were the most tough ones to remove. But look at how quickly they were gone with just a finger rub. It must be the Shiseido original Gentle Quick Removing Technology which claimed to rapidly reach deep down into the pores to thoroughly remove dirt & makeup.

The after feeling: very clean, yet no oil residue on hands and face. It won’t make the skin looks matte, however it’ll leave that sort of dewy effect but not shiny. Skin feels soft and plump, not dry. And yes, you can use this for daily use.