Jakarta, the old town

Well, here’s the new post after a very long Lebaran’s holiday.

I went to Kota Tua yesterday. Been too long, because I live on the very different part of Jakarta, on the south. Meanwhile, Kota Tua is on the north side. With all the crazy traffic jam, this will be my visit after a few years. Yeah..that bad. But actually I always have this soft spot for everything historical. So when traffic was not that bad these days due to Lebaran’s holiday, off I go.

Until the end of this month (July 2016), they have this exhibition “Kota Tua Ruang Kita”. 

It was a non AC exhibition place, so expect hot weather, but nevertheless it was a very informative exhibition, explaining this vintage part of Jakarta from then till now. Let’s just hope that Kota Tua will be one of Unesco’s world heritage soon (as aimed by our current governor who’ve worked very hard for this project).

This exhibition is held on the second floor of this old building. Downstairs is a coffee shop named Historia. And of course, I wouldn’t missed the chance to sip a glass of ice Latte.

A glance of Historia’s entrance (cool, right?). Coffee served by Tanamera, so it’s good. But I didn’t eat anything, so I can’t say much about the food.