Introducing: ESTĒE LAUDER Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Eye Creme.


Yup, the never ending search for the fountain of youth when it comes to skin care…particularly for us, women. No worries, there’s hope for aging skin around the eyes, as we all might be aware that the delicate area around our eyes is one of the first places to show visible signs of aging. 

And what a luxurious way to transform eye area skin with this eye creme. It’s infused with Black Diamond Truffle Extract, claimed to lifts, firms, re-energizes, sculpts and brightens the look of the eye area. FYI, black diamond truffle is one of nature’s rarest treasures that’s transformed through a certain process into a pure and precious extract with 10,000 hours in the making.

It comes with the rotating applicator made of a cooling golden alloy. What an indulging way to treat the eye area! Like a massage wand, use the flat end of this applicator to apply a pearl-sized amount to the eye area, and gently tap with ring fingers as it absorbs. Then, hold the wand vertically, sweep the rotating tip from the inner corner under the eye to the temple. This massaging motion claimed to help increase microcirculation. Don’t forget to clean this after each use. Keep it hygienic, people!