…. you might love this latest fragrance from LES PARFUMS DE ROSINE, BALLERINA NO 3. 

Just look at that black everything! Black matte flacon and that black tulle! So I’ve been told that it’s hard to find tulle fabrics in Paris? Seriously?

Why number 3? This is the follow-up to the previous Ballerina No 1 and 2. If you missed my post about them, click here

In my earlier post, I mentioned about Black Swan and guess what? Actually, Ballerina No 3 was inspired by Black Swan. In the press release about this fragrance, Ballerina No 3 noted as a perfume with double personality, just like the character in Swan Lake Ballet. At first, it was delicate, soft and cheering…but then it turned to voluptuous, powerful & captivating. 

Invented by Delphine Lebeau, Ballerina No 3 sort of reveals the most secrete & dark part of the ballerina. Warning you: this ain’t no sweet ballerina with pink tutus. 

Head notes: fuchsia flowers, rose buds, black pepper & pink pepper
Heart notes: black rose & violet leaves
Base notes: sandalwood, oud, cashmeran, caramelized vanilla, cedar wood, patchouli and amber.

Amber note made this women fragrance super long lasting, and based on the notes above, Ballerina No 3 can be categorised as a Woody Floral Musk Fragrance. Available in 50ml and 100ml EDP, I can say this fragrance is very feminine yet powerful. So fierce at its’ own, I feel guilty if I don’t wear my black attire with this fragrance.