Calvin Klein is back with (what they called) a gender free fragrance: CK2.

Way back then in 1994, CK One was a big hit for being the unisex fragrance for young generation. Two years later, there was CK Be, also known as unisex fragrance. Now in 2016, there’s CK2.

Now that things have changed a lot, ‘unisex’ are no more. Instead the term ‘gender free’ was used to address the young generation which named the Millennials. 

I was invited with others Sociolla Bloggers to the launch, and they had this capsule. We experienced the virtual 360 panoramic picture inside the capsule, very millennial-ish indeed. 

So, what’s in the fragrance?

Those are just some. But yes, those are literally stones. One of the notes is wet cobblestone, along with wasabi (yes, that bitter dipping in Japanese restaurants), sandalwood, mandarin, violet leaf absolute, orris concrete, rose absolute, vetiver and incense. 

Being a gender free fragrance, it’s really fresh and I found it more masculine than feminine, though. In the press release, they announced CK2 as Urban Woody Fresh. So, yeah…it is fresh at the very beginning and turned very woody when dried down. 

Only available in 100ml EDT Spray bottle in Indonesia, I love the minimalist design of the bottle (however, minimalism is essential to Calvin Klein’s DNA). It reminds me of bulb, and it can be viewed upside down, as the cap also serves as a stand to maintain the bottle. How cool and futuristic! 

Check out the video which was shot in Puerto Rico, to capture the essence of CK2 as a gender free fragrance.