This week me and my friends attended IOMA PARIS beauty workshop “Timeless Youthful Skin” at Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta.


At the beautiful high tea lounge, we were able to do skin check by IOMA (and I might say one of the most detailed skin check I’ve ever done).


From the diagnose made on spot, and can be printed to take home, my results are: bacterial activity (especially on nose area), clogged pores, uv damage, dead skin cells and lack of moisture. Not bad, I got 5 out of 12 skin problems that can be detected by the sphere-like machine.

Based on the result, the machine will suggest IOMA products that suitable for my skin needs and also formula (like recipes) for their famous MA CRÈME.


Divided into two, Day and Night, MA CRÈME is a personalised precisions skincare. Very practical, as we don’t have to bring a lot of skin care products while we travel, because it’s like everything your skin needs in a bottle for day and night use. Made from eight serums in dropper bottle, it’s a bespoke skin care product.

But, of course, they have many different products which also can be recommended by the skin check result.


And one of their best selling product, IOMA Gentle Exfoliating Emulsion just won Bazaar Beauty Awards 2016 as the best in facial cleanser category by their judge panel. 


If you care about your skin, why don’t you try their skin check to know precisely what your skin needs, instead of just doing a lucky guess based on how they look on the surface. You might not know what’s hiding underneath. Go to Seibu in Grand Indonesia to get your IOMA skin check. 


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