Thanks to Menard and Marie Claire for a Saturday well-spent.

Me and fellow influencers were invited to a Beauty Weekend Escape at Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta, to experience the whole new range of New SARANARI from MENARD. The former Saranari line was created in Japan in 1984, and this new range is carrying a new formula & scent. Known as the queen of the lilies, they extracted Casa Blanca Lilies small young buds which just sprouted, to create skin care for beautiful skin. 

Me and fellow influencers were treated by a facial to experience the New Saranari range, followed by a nice brunch at Peacock Lounge. 

This was my second time of Menard Facial and I always enjoy them. The massage, the hot towel, the mask, it was a delightful facial. 

After the facial, we were given a change to redo our makeup with bunch of Menard makeup. 

At the event, I discovered the fact that skin quality differs depending on the part of the body. Skin of inner arm and skin of face are pretty much different, due to sun exposure. Of course, the best quality of skin is on our inner arm. Check out the very much difference on mine. 

After the skin check using Menard Total Beauty Adviser (which available on Seibu Grand Indonesia and Sogo Central Park, Jakarta), they recommended me to do massage every night with Saranari Refresh Massage. Things that I rarely do, but I will after I saw the result. 

As you can see, my skin texture is just average (cry). Need to boost the level of moisture with the help of Menard Saranari. They recommended me to check again after 3 months, so I will update on this. Wish me luck.


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