I’ll be a very happy person if Jakarta has winter like Hong Kong. Therefore all layering will be out without a sweat.

Tried my best to did OOTD while in Hong Kong and Macau. Yes, we did one day trip to Macau, which apparently ended up in a rush (literally). People, one day trip was not enough to visit Macau. There are too many beautiful sights (not talking about the sea of humans on Senado Square and Ruins of St. Paul) on unknown streets around old Macau. Definitely will visit again another time.

Here are some of my OOTD that my hubby took around HK & Macau.


I learned that in gloomy weather, we really should amped up on brighter color for lips. 


Thanks to my youngest boy who love museums, now I begin to like them too. At least I wasn’t swamped by sea of humans here. I felt very zen in Hong Kong Museum of History.


Black leggings and high top sneakers are a must whenever I travel to a colder climate country. Time to wear those wools!


Another museum visit. This time to Museu De Macau on top of the hill. Long coat and quirky sunglasses made my day.


Crossed the busy street near Time Square, HK. Bright coloured accessories such as scarves will add a pop of fun to winter clothes (which mostly come in darker shades). 


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