Hi All, sharing you my family trip last December 15 – January 16.


It was an unplanned trip, really. As I never got the thrill of being swamped inside sea of humans in the mission of watching firework on NYE. Seriously guys, firework look better on TV!

But, being with family and dear friends on welcoming the new year was the whole point of this short trip.


We had our NYE’s dinner at Jamie’s Italian.

So, of course, it was lots of food journey and OOTD moments. This post is specifically for food which I had in Hong Kong. 


Jamie’s Italian. Their desserts were awesome. Panacotta with berries was such a flavourful closing with burst of sourness from the black berries. Love it!


Spaghetti House Pasta. They used to have this restaurant in Jakarta, but no more. So, as pasta lover, I wouldn’t missed it.


Tsui Wah for breakfast style a la Hong Kong. Didn’t like their macaroni soup, but the bun and their milk tea are the winner!


BLT Burger. Enjoying New York style burger in Hong Kong. Not a fan of burger, so can’t say much. But their milkshakes is super tasty!


Greyhound Cafe. Pad Thai, which I love dearly. Very yummy.


PRET. Wouldn’t missed this oven toasted sandwich. What can I say, I prefer hot meal. 


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