Happy New Year, all. Sorry for such slow post as I’d been traveling with my family to Hong Kong.

As you might already experienced, traveling with others is not easy as too many things to do have to be accomplished in such short time of holiday. So if you have personal mission to achieve on family holiday, forget it! 

But at least, I was well prepared with my things to bring for the holiday!

Of course, one might not neglect hair care while on traveling too. That’s why my Abbott CG 210 was there inside my traveling beauty bag, alongside other important stuffs (like stronger perfume and stronger shades of lipsticks). It wasn’t a hassle anyway, CG210 was like spray twice a day on dry clean hair, massage for a minute and out the hotel door! 

I’ve been using CG210 for about 90 days now, so how did it differ from my previous post here? Well, as you can see from the pic below, I did perm my hair. Inspired by Aimee Song, I decided 2016 will be the perfect time to rock the Japanese wave. So yeah, I did it. Bye2 straight hair (for now). 

I believe that my hair shaft is getting thicker, even when I permed my hair at the salon, the hairstylist was surprised to see less hair fall like her other clients. She said, usually her clients who have strong colored hair like mine, will lost lots of hair while being permed. Meanwhile, my roots appeared to getting stronger, thanks to CG210. 

Unlike some haircare or hair treatment products that I just leave at home while traveling, because they will consumed my precious holiday time, CG210 is literally spray and go. Especially now that I have that ‘messy hair don’t care’ look, I never brush my hair anymore (lessen my hair routine time). 

Sharing you my OOTD look from Hong Kong, below, so you can see my hair from the front view.


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