Christmas is like a few days away. And this 24 HAPPY DAYS from THE BODY SHOP INDONESIA surely brings joy for me.

Wonderfully presented with a bouquet of fresh flowers on top, wait until you see what’s inside!

Like jigsaw boxes with total 25 lovely products from The Body Shop, it was truly a delightful experience of unboxing (see my unboxing timelapse video on my Instagram @shintarosvita). Actually there are 24 individual box seen once it was opened, but inside the number 24 box, there’s box number 25. Surprise, surprise!

And each of the box stated something, like this “Visez l’or” means “Stay Golden”, which thoughtfully got The Body Shop Colour Crush gold eyeshadow inside. 

Can we say ‘amen’ to this beautiful quote?

For the rest of the products, voila!

I know, right? Plenty of products (ranging from body care to makeup and tools) to last more than 24 happy days. Sensational gifts for a special Christmas this year, indeed. 

If you’re still looking for this year’s Christmas treat, for your loved ones or for yourself, click here. Joyeux Noël! 


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