Makeup melting in the middle of the day is not something unusual in this city I live in. That’s why primer is one of my must have, including this latest product from BENEFIT, AIR PATROL.

Unlike any other eyeshadow primer I’ve tried, this ain’t no ordinary primer or base. Air Patrol is a BB Cream Eyelid Primer that color corrects while protect with broad spectrum SPF 20. Literally one shades fit all, this eyelid primer will guard our delicate eyelid area from sun, smoke & pollutants. So, yes…it color corrects and make our eyeshadows stay longer with the help of their special tip.


They called the tip, CushionCalm. At the launching party earlier this month, Benefit Indonesia team showed us how soft yet strong the CushionCalm tip is. Inspired by mattress, no matter how hard we press them, it will go back to its’ natural shape.


Claimed to be softer than our own pinkie, it’s also pressure-free..therefore it’ll protect our delicate eyelid from that rubbing & tugging. 

Here’s how they look on my eyes (pardon the late nights shown on my dark circles (LOL):


Have to be applied on clean eyelids, AIR PATROL did give matte you can see from the pic above. The texture is not too creamy or too runny, very easy to blend either with the tip or with our own finger. Twist the pen applicator twice for each eyelid, dot and spread. That’s how I did it. 

I believe the beige yellowish shade blurred the discoloration on my lids. Make sure you don’t put too much to avoid that too yellow shade. And on one of those lazy day, this primer can be used alone without eyeshadow. 


Can you tell from the pic above? 

On the top, I applied Air Patrol before my eyeshadows & liner. Check out how the colors of my eyeshadows popped out more, even my black eyeliner look more intense. It did keep my eyeshadows & liner from creasing and fading in the middle of day, due to hot weather & humidity. Air Patrol is perfect for those who have oily lids like me, as we’re more prone to ‘lose’ eyeshadows easily.

Air Patrol is now available at Benefit Indonesia’s counters. 


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