Yup, CG210 still is a big part of my hair care routine. It’s becoming a habit, I’d feel lost if I forgot to apply it.

You can see the difference on my hair from my previous post, here. So, how does my hair look like after religiously applying this hair spray-on lotion for 44 days straight? 

Please mind the style (and the fading color *sigh) …it’s too early in the morning when I took this pic and of course, I’m too lazy to style them. LOL. Anyhow, my hair shafts look like they’re getting thicker, with lesser hair fall. I believe they look healthier even though my hair were previously coloured and tortured every single day (with straightening iron).

Currently, I’m using the blackcurrant scents, specifically designed for women. The cannula really help to apply the lotion on the right spot. And I love the fact that my scalp didn’t react upon using this lotion, no itch…nothing. Even though it’s called lotion, the texture is somewhat watery, therefore it’s easier to absorb on scalp. I always make sure that my hair are perfectly clean & dry before spraying (just as they recommended). 

At their website, here, CG 210 claimed that it can grow 8,200 new hair strands after 90 days of use. Well, we’ll see if my hair will look thicker and thicker by then. I’ll update you on this for sure. See ya!


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