And what I love about every Christmas is getting gifts and sending the lovely gifts to loved ones too.


This November, we can start thinking about sending these candles to light up someone’s holiday season. DIPTYQUE Winter Collection 2015 named IMAGINARY FORESTS. They’re limited edition, so better prepare to get them asap.


A series of three 70 gram candles, SAPIN (smell like pine tree-my favorite of all three), LIQUIDAMBAR (warm and sweet) & OLIBAN (woody and oriental) can be light up at once to create mysterious fragrance or by itself. What’s more special about this collection, Diptyque collaborated with Julien Colombier, a French painter known for his painting on black canvas. Check out their press kit below.


Another must buy is the candle holder. So luxurious.


Except the home fragrances, they have five signature scents set too. Of course, not the same scent as the candles. 


Last but not least, check out their video!


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