The interpretation of the portal which featured many ‘rooms’ comes to life in Senayan City, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Only until tomorrow (Sunday, September 20, 2015) you can actually browse through Hermès iconic scarf collections: La Maison des Carrés.

Last week, I was invited to their private event, and I wandered freely around the ‘house’. They did it in a mall where they actually don’t have Hermès store, and I was surprised to see how colorful and fun the showcase was.

Hermès tattoo? Yes, please. 

Made origami’s out of Hermès printed paper.

This hammock made out of the scarves, was unfortunately for display only.

Bow ties galore.

Boys can actually have fun on their own Hermès way. 

And of course, scarves display!

As fun and colorful as Hermès La Maison des Carrés can be!


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