Yesterday, me and fellow beauty bloggers were invited to the launch of the very first haircare product from ABBOTT.

After 6 years of research, they finally launched the breakthrough solution for hair loss management. Named CG210, these spray-on lotion will help those who wish to reduce hair shedding, increase hair thickness, improve healthy hair & promote new healthy hair. Available for men (with mint scent) and women (with blackcurrant scent), CG210 is one breakthrough hair treatment. 

At the event in LOCANDA, Jakarta, they provided hair & scalp check.

Check out mine! Even though I just washed my hair the night before, it showed my very oily scalp. Fortunately, my hair follicles were quite good as one follicle have two and three hair shafts. 

Of course, I wouldn’t miss a chance to try CG210 on spot. Easy & practical to apply, just spray (5-10 sprays to cover entire scalp) & massage (not rub).

At the event, we also learned a lot about hair facts, and how CG210 will help manage our hair loss problem and thicken them. Composed of natural botanical extracts and manufactured in France, it’s good to know that CG210 is hypoallergenic & paraben free. It’s not just preventing our hair loss, but it’ll restore our normal hair cycle and stimulate hair regrowth. 

Claimed to work as soon as 44 days during trials, I’ll update on my review of CG210. So, stay tune! For more infos & details about the product, click here


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