I was born with chubby cheeks. What can I say? But now, there are lots of beauty treatment out there to (at least) slim them down.

On a fine Saturday afternoon, I was invited to try CAVITATION & RADIO FREQUENCY treatment at The Clinic Indonesia. Cavitation is an alternative slimming method using ultrasonic to burn fat under our skin. And Radio Frequency or simply called RF is a therapy using radio frequency sonar to tighten sagging skin. 

So, here’s how the combination of both treatment goes:

First, the therapist will clean our skin.

Then, she’ll apply this clear blue gel

The first is Cavitation treatment, using this round flat metal gadget.

It produced a buzzing sound, if you feel irritated, tell the therapist to lower the level (the max is level 5, by the way).

For each cheek, it need 15 minutes of circling and pressing of the Cavitation tool. It can go right down to the chin, too. Perfect to lose that double chin as well. Don’t worry it didn’t produce any pain, it actually felt like facial massage. 

Before moving on to RF treatment, the therapist will remove the left-over gel using wet sponge.

Then, time for RF. Another gel applied, this time it’s clear white gel. 

The tool is different. 4 rollers which will be slightly warm during the treatment. 

The application process is the same. Each cheek needs 15 minutes of circling and pressing motion. Good thing, it didn’t produce any buzzing sound. It’s warm, if you can stand the heat, ask the therapist to heat it up. 

How did it go?

Obviously, the left one is the before pic. My skin felt tighter after the treatment and it did look brighter. 

“Many celebrities are a fan of this instant treatment,” said dr. Felya Sandra Pramita from The Clinic Indonesia. “Because it didn’t leave any mark like injection and you can see instant slimming result.” 

For more infos about this treatment, click here.


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