One of the best selling products from Korean brand, SULWHASOO now at its’ fourth generation.


This is the fourth generation, as the first one was introduced way back in 1997. The 1997 serum became a huge hit because it changed the skincare routine, with the concept of a ‘boosting essence’ as the first stage of the skincare routine. And this year, SULWHASOO introduced the latest FIRST CARE ACTIVATING SERUM EX, based on a mixture of five precious Asian medicinal herbs (named JAUM Balancing Complex) using PREXtract Process to bring skin back into balance, resulting in a whole new dimension of skin radiance. 

As skin easily get dry due to aging and might effect on the natural radiance of healthy skin, this is the first boosting essence to apply right after cleansing. Yes, you read it right. After facial wash in the morning & evening, apply this serum first, then followed by toner. Koreans do have an unique way of applying their toner, they don’t use cotton pads. Instead, they pour it on the palm and straightly pat on the skin. 

Why serum first then toner? Well…the serum was designed to boost and sort of waking up our skin after cleansing, so after facial wash is supposed to be the right time for the serum to work its’ magic as our skin are clean & ready to absorb any nutrients available. 

Check out the texture. Clear brown color with a very light texture. The scent is milder than the previous First Care Activating Serum, less ginseng-y (if I may say). Of course it absorb so easily onto the skin without leaving any stickiness. It hydrates really well, leaving skin feel smooth and if applied correctly (remember, this first then everything else) will provide a good base for any skincare products that follow. Give this a try, especially if you have dry and dull skin that need to be fixed, asap. 


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