Do you remember your very first fragrance?

Well…mine is “White Linen” from ESTEE LAUDER. I remembered the scent till now, the refreshing and clean fragrance. I guess I was always fell for those kind of scents. Launched in 1978, White Linen is still available until now. 

The fact is, for over 50 years, Estee Lauder has been launching many fragrances. The first one was YOUTH DEW. Introduced in 1953, it was actually a scented bath oil that could also be used as perfume (they said it was a taboo for women wearing perfume at that time, whaaatttt?). 

This year, they launch THE HOUSE OF ESTEE LAUDER CLASSIC PARFUMS COLLECTION. Consist of 8 fragrances, they’re bringing back the classics, like: ESTEE (from the year 1968), AZUREE (from 1969), ALIAGE (from 1972), CINNABAR (1978), SPELLBOUND (1991), TUSCANY PER DONNA (1992), INTUITION (2000) and BEYOND PARADISE (2003). Their packaging are new, but the scent stay the same.

ESTEE is the second fragrance that Mrs Estee Lauder created after Youth Dew. So, imagine the history of this fragrance. This took 7 years to make, FYI. 

AZUREE is a very warm fragrance, inspired by the Mediterranean. 

Since the 70′s style is back, ALIAGE will be the perfect scent to reflect that era. Cool & energetic.

Very oriental, CINNABAR (now pronounced: China Bar) is mysterious and sensual.

Imagine the first feeling of falling in love, that’s SPELLBOUND.

One of the very classic, TUSCANY PER DONNA (Tuscany for Women) was inspired by the Italian Countryside. 

 Created by Evelyn Lauder, INTUITION is one warm & very feminine scent.

Last but not least, the very addictive BEYOND PARADISE. The most modern scent from all of 8 (maybe because it was created not too long ago), this scent reminds me of all things tropical. 

My favorite? ESTEE. I believe I have an old soul trapped inside, LOL. Classic without being too powerful (we have to admit some of the classic fragrances tend to have very strong unforgettable scent). I love the fact that this was created by Mrs Estee herself, inspired by the light she saw from two crystal chandeliers shimmering in a glass of champagne. It’s a very wonderful scent, perfect for day use in this hot weather. 

PRODUCT PHOTOS: ESTEE LAUDER (except the last one was taken by me)

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