If you’re a fashion enthusiast, you’ll love HEYBEB.

This is not your ordinary fashion online shop. They have a curating concept by their own buyers and creative director, so what you see in their website are totally on trend, based on runways and social media. Consists of womenswear which named HEYBEB (which was actually inspired by “hey babe”), menswear which named HEYBRO, and the most unique one, petwear (currently for dogs only) which named HEYWOOF. 

As starter, they have quite a wide collection of simple and easy ready to wear fashion items. And yes, they have opening promo 25% off for all orders (what a bargain, considering that their prices are already that affordable-nothing over 500K rupiah). What’s more, they have their own blog which covers most of the trending topics about fashion and celebrities. 

At the launch event, they showcased their collection on models and muses.

The brain behind HEYBEB: young entrepreneur, Michelle E. Surjaputra and creative director, Ferdy Thaeras.


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