Don’t be a late bloomer when it comes to sunscreen. Using sunscreen to protect your skin may not make you prettier instantly, but they’re investment for the future. Use now or it may be too late.

Thanks to L’Oreal Paris Indonesia who invited me and fellow bloggers earlier this week to learn some new sun facts and their latest sunscreen product. According to research and dr. Amaranila Lalita Drijono Sp.KK, dermatologist that was the expert speaker on the L’Oreal Paris Indonesia launching event:

  • Indonesia reach number 10 from scale 1 to 11 on the UV Index.
  • UV rays A & B have different characteristic. UVB will blast their maximum ray from 10 AM – 2 PM, but can be absorbed by cloud, ozone layer and glass material. Meanwhile, the UVA is the opposite. They can go through cloud and glass. 
  • To protect our skin from UVA, search for broadspectrum sunscreen with PA +++ (minimal) and to protect our skin from UVB, we need SPF 30 (minimal). 
  • We need to reapply sunscreen every 5 hours during the daylight, for its’ effectiveness. 
  • Bad UV rays will cause premature aging, dry and dull skin, and last but not least dark spots.

Surprisingly, lots of us didn’t care of using sunscreen to protect our skin from the harsh UV rays. Which one are you? 

  1. “I’m an indoor person, I rarely go out under the sun, so why bother using one?”
  2. “I hate wearing sunscreen because it reminds me too much of the smell of pool and beach.”
  3. “I dislike the texture. It’s thick, sticky when applied and ruined my makeup.”

Well……you’ll be surprised when you try the UV Perfect range from L’Oreal Paris. They’re light, very easy to apply, didn’t leave any white effect and quickly absorbed. They even have the colored ones, purple tint for dull skin and pink tint for instant brightness. 


Available in four varieties to be apply at the end of your skincare routine (after serum and moisturizer), from L-R: UV Perfect Advanced 12 H UV Protector Transparent, UV Perfect Instant White Advanced 12 H UV Protector, UV Perfect Advanced 12 H UV Protector Anti Dullness and UV Perfect Aqua Essence Advanced Watery Gel 12 H UV Protector. Make sure you choose the right first base of sunscreen according to your skin’s need at least before applying your makeup. Give them time to absorb on your skin, at least 30 minutes before you step out of the door every morning. 

As previously stated, sunscreen is recommended to be reapply in 5 hours. Seriously, do we have to do our makeup from zero? Of course NOT! Introducing the latest invention from L’Oreal Paris: UV Perfect Aqua Essence City UV Mist.


Way above the minimal requirements for daily need of sunscreen protection, with SPF 50+ and PA ++++, this is how a city girl like us supposed to retouch our sunscreen. No need to do makeup from zero in mid day (who has time to do this anyway?). Just SPRAY over your makeup. Yes! On top of makeup, as it won’t ruin anything, even my mascara and eyeliner. No need to pat, just make sure you shake the can bottle well before use, spray within the 15cm distance and spray evenly. 

As it’s dry transparent mist, it gave matte result with powdery scent and no white after effect. No stickiness involved, too. Just a perfect sunscreen touch up throughout the day. 

Please click here to check your indoor UV Index. Because we’re not living inside a cave anymore, we’re not save from UV rays. Let’s start protecting our skin while we can!

PHOTOS: SHINTA ROSVITA (except the UV Perfect Aqua Essence City Face Mist).

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