Yes, you read this right. I never did professional teeth bleaching in my whole life. 

Well, I did the ‘at-home’ ones. But it was tacky and painful, I decided to stop my DIY teeth bleaching. Whatever, I thought…I was never born with ultra-white teeth anyway. Plus I’m an avid fans of colored drinks, coffee, tea, sodas, you name it. 

Before you read on, reader discretion advised, as this specific blog post contains graphic images of my whole mouth. LOL. I warned you.

Thanks to The Clinic | Beautylosophy Indonesia, for the opportunity to try their Bleaching service at their homey clinic.

As you might already knew, dental bleaching aka tooth whitening is a common procedure in cosmetic dentistry. Goal: to restore natural tooth color and helps remove stains. And actually, teeth naturally will darken as we age, especially if you’re an avid coffee/tea/colored drinks drinker like me. 

At The Clinic | Beautylosophy, drg. Ika Utami was the dentist who performed the Bleaching on me, and she was very helpful throughout the process (knowing that I almost had panic attack on the seat). 

The process itself could’ve take one hour in total (including scaling), but the dentist lessen it for 10 minutes, since I had trouble with the cheek retractor used (seriously, I felt like Hannibal Lechter). 

At this clinic, they use OPALESCENCE BOOST, a chemically activated power whitening gel, use for medical purpose only (don’t do this at home). As I wrote earlier, I got panic attack. So, instead of the 40 minutes suggested application, I got 30 minutes. Not bad for the first timer. The green one along the gum, is the resin barrier, used to protect the gum from the Opalescence Boost. The red one is the Opalescence Boost. The texture is like gel, and yeah I kept my mouth open like this for 30 minutes (it was air-dried, I suppose). 

After 30 minutes, the red gel was suck using the suction machine until totally clean.

Before bleaching, my teeth were coded C2 on the list shown above. And after the 30 minutes bleaching, they got lighter about 4 shades. NOT BAD!!! I can imagine if I didn’t have my panic attack and continued for another 10 minutes. But I’m already happy with the 4 shades lighter result. 

The dentist recommends to do Bleaching every once a year, and there are some restrictions afterward. No eating for an hour after Bleaching, reduce the consumption of colored drinks (oh dear,  to lessen the consumption of coffee will be hard for me), and brush your teeth regularly with specific brush and tooth paste for sensitive teeth. For those who are very sensitive, you might feel slightly pain on your teeth after this procedure. But nothing a pain killer can’t fix. 

For more infos about this specific procedure, please visit The Clinic Indonesia | Beautylosophy website, here

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