… on our makeup routine?

To tell you the truth, I’m not a big fan of skin primer. As a working mom, I need to do my makeup as fast as I can every morning, and adding this step would’ve mean adding another minutes to the routine. 

But…lately I felt my foundation easily slipped off in mid day, thanks to crazy summer heat in this concrete jungle of Jakarta. So, yeah I need something to help my makeup stay put for longer. 

Enter….MAKE UP FOR EVER STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER. In 11 variants. Yes, that much. So, there’s no way that I can’t find the one for my skin type and problems. 

Thanks to Make Up For Ever Indonesia, I got two primers to try: SMOOTHING PRIMER & RADIANT PRIMER in BLUE. 

If you have dry patches and fine lines, SMOOTHING PRIMER is the one for you. Slightly tinted in a flesh tone colour, it did blend well without looking ashy on my fair skin tone. 

The smooth texture will help to fill those fine lines. It felt balmy when applied and looked matte yet poreless. 

On top of the Smoothing Primer, I applied Radiant Primer to color correct. Since my skin tone is fair and easily turns to red when the sun is blazing, the Blue color is just right!

Yup, it’s light blue. But don’t worry, once applied and blended, skin will look fresher.

I applied Smoothing Primer first, then on top I applied the Blue Radiant Primer. I didn’t put any foundation, concealer, nor powder on above pic, so you can see the true result of these two primers. I was quite surprised. Imperfections blurred before I got to concealer and foundation. So I decided to ditch the foundation, concealer & powder at once after I took the above pic, how time saving was that?

The idea of having 11 choices is great too. I mean, our skin condition are changing most of the time, so who might know that my super oily skin will need Nourishing Primer next? And the idea of mix and match is just too fun to be missed. Anyway, makeup is supposed to be fun, right? 

Full range of STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER will be available in Make Up For Ever Indonesia’s stores at September 1, 2015. 


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