This year’s summer was super hot. Literally. 

And the worst part about this summer, no holiday for me. Yes, that means, no sipping cocktails by the pool while wearing big hat and that designer’s sunglasses. Sigh. Then came one fine day after office hours, I got home and received this cool package (complete with the cocktail shaker) from The Body Shop Indonesia. Limited Edition Body Care range with an irresistible blend of lime extracts and crushed mint leaves, named VIRGIN MOJITO. I believed they were inspired by the same Virgin Mojito, the alcohol-free version of the popular refreshing poolside cocktail. 

A perfect summer essentials to get that fresh feeling every day, especially if you’re a fan of fresh and uplifting scent. In the package I received the Shower Gel, Body Scrub and Body Butter to try. I’ve tried the shower gel with warm water in the shower and I love the way it cleansed well with tingling mint and touch of citrusy scent. Use loofah for extra foam and enjoyable bathing experience. Great for morning use to sort of waking up the skin. 


Check out the green beads in the body scrub. Comes in a gel formula, it’s not too harsh, even when I applied them on dry skin. I love to scrub on dry skin, as I believe it’s more effective to remove dead skin. 


Last but not least, the body butter. Wonderful texture, it melts into my skin like butter. Don’t be fooled by the strong fragrance once you opened the tub, because the scent will toned down once applied and stay soft for the next 3 hours. It didn’t make my skin look greasy or feel like one, too. I think it’s more lightweight than the previous body butters from The Body Shop that I’ve tried. 

The complete Virgin Mojito range are now available in The Body Shop Indonesia’s stores and online. Go get them now, as they’re limited edition!


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