Earlier this month, me, fellow bloggers & press were invited to the opening of Johnny Andrean Premium Salon at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Suddenly, the metaphor of economy vs premium economy such in aircrafts’ seats crossed my mind. As you might already knew, premium economy is one level above the economy seats in every angle possible. Bigger seat, better service and of course, more expensive. So does apply to this hair salon and its’ treatment. 

Johnny Andrean Premium salon has Johnny Andrean Treatment Premium using hair products from Japan, Shiseido Professional. They’re offering 5 treatments for different kind of hair problems, using special range from Shiseido Professional. 

1. Anti Hairloss using Adenovital Series (Rp 195.000)
2. Anti Dandruff using Fuente Forte Series (Rp 125.000)
3. Dry & damage using Aqua Intensive Series (Rp 155.000)
4. Smooth using Sleek Liner Series (Rp 155.000)
5. Color using Luminogenic Series (Rp 155.000)

Given voucher at the event, I decided to try this premium treatment while I’m still enjoying my Lebaran’s holiday. Here’s the review!


Instead going to the public area, which is so crowded, I entered a more private room with only 4 seats and 2 hair basins. Nice!


The seats and the hair basins are different from the ones outside. 

I decided to try the anti dandruff treatment, not that I have one, but it’s great for detoxing scalp. Having oily scalp, I need those fresher and cleaner feeling. First step of the treatment: hair wash using Fuente Forte shampoo. Love the minty scent. 


Then, the hair massage using Scalp Treatment from Adenovital Series for healthier scalp and hair fall problem. Love the minty tingling feeling on the scalp on this step. 


The hair therapist offered me vitamin to apply on the ends of hair, as my hair ends are really dry. 

Moving on to the Ozone machine to make sure the products applied will be well absorbed. FYI, they’re only using this Ozone machine in this premium treatment. 


10 minutes inside the Ozone machine, it felt warm at the beginning and breezing cold for the last minute. Final step: hair rinse. Also with warm water at the beginning and cold water at the end. You see, warm water will open hair cuticle and cold water will close them and seal in moisture. One trick to make our hair look shinier & healthier. 


Voila! End result: softer and shinier hair with bonus: clean scalp. 


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