I have to admit, I’m so lazy on putting on sunscreen. It’s bad, I know. But what can I say, I don’t dig the scent of most sunscreen lotion.

Mostly they smell like coconuts, which I feel way too beachy when I actually live nowhere near the beach. And they remind me of summer vacation, which I don’t think I’ll be getting one soon this year *sigh*. Worst part, they’re way too sticky and look oily when applied. 

Then one day, these cute package arrived at my doorstep, thanks to Dewi Sri Spa. Dewi Sri Spa is one of the luxury brand from Martha Tilaar Group which specialised in premium spa range product with natural ingredients from Indonesia. And SURYA MAJAPAHIT is their latest spa range.


There are three products in the range as you can see, Cooling Shower Gel, Sun Protection Lotion and Soothing Body Gel. With essential oils of Javanese Lotus, Licorice and White Rice, this is one unique series, I might say. Consists of two aftersun products and one sun protection lotion, I’m already relieved that they don’t have any coconuts in their ingredients lists. Finally, a sun protection lotion with SPF 40 that I can apply daily without the scent of going to the beach in a bikini. Hello, people! I’m going to the office inside an air-conditioned building with full clothes on every day, what do you expect? 


Comes in white and creamy texture, this lotion will absorb quickly on clean skin. Apply before you head out the door to protect your skin from the harsh rays of UVA and UVB. 

And I really love the idea of cooling shower gel. Imagine, after all that outdoor activities, going home and taking a shower with this gel will reduce that hot sensation on skin. No wonder it felt so cool, it contains menthol. Love the shower gel that feels cool even after I rinsed. 

Need more cooling sensation? Apply the soothing body gel. As the name stated, it is very soothing. The gel texture is not that thick, so it’s easily applied and absorbed without stickiness. This is great also when you’re baking yourself under the sun and found your skin burning in red. If they are, apply this gel in soft tap, don’t rub. The menthol will sooth your skin immediately. 

I’d love to use this range when (only God knows) I’m going on my beach vacation. But in the meanwhile, this range will gives me strong protection against sun damage in this crazy city I live in and keep my skin feels cool after all my daily activities. 


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