This collection just touched my soft spot for pop art illustrations. 

Paris based accessory and jewelry designer, Yaz Bukey collaborates with Shu Uemura for this super fun makeup collection: Yazbukey for Shu Uemura. From eyeshadows, lipsticks, primer, compact case, palette, false lashes, eyeliner and their best selling cleansing oil, Yaz Bukey not only illustrated the packaging but narrated the whole story of this Spring Collection. Imagine four women with different personalities (hello Carrie Bradshaw and friends!): sexy, smart, romantic and daring. And like a real life situation, each of them didn’t know that they’re each dating the same guy called ShuShu (wait, seriously?). Apparently, ShuShu means ‘darling’ in French, so yeah.. ShuShu – Shu Uemura. Get it?

Yaz Bukey did pick the colors too. And let me tell you, they’re fun and bold, exactly like the packaging. 


I was invited to the launch event this Saturday and being a lipstick mania, of course I wouldn’t missed to swatch all the lipsticks (there are four of Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte). As the name stated, they come in matte texture. See the swatches below. 


Check out this cool pink Mini Cooper adorned with Yaz’ illustrations and those rubber eyelashes! 


Lips are everywhere, but lipsticks are not the only product in this collection as I stated before. There are “I love my Shu Shu Palette”.


Mmmm…not a big fan of the palette, as some of them comes in metallics (sorry, I am team matte forever).


And the primer to blur out those big pores. Can’t wait to try this. 


And last but definitely not least, are the cleansing oils, four of them. 

What’s missing from this collection in Indonesia? The Nail Colors. Too bad, right? But well, I was surprised to see the almost complete ‘limited edition’ collection here in my home town, as it was a rare situation. Usually we didn’t even get to see any. Seriously. 

Better get them soon, ladies as they’re limited edition only for this Spring.


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