I can’t go out without my eyeliner. Enough said.

Having big and droopy eyes type, I am comfortable with feline flick aka cat eyes liner. Classic yet tricky technique, some might said. But after lots of years pulling them on, well I can say I’m pretty darn good at this thing. Beside my favorite gel liner, REVLON ColorStay Eye Liner is one of my favorite too. As it claimed, it did stay long and I love how intense their colors are. I always go for black for daily makeup look, but check out these new colors REVLON just launched in Indonesia.


New shades are: Sapphire, Jade, Amethyst, Gold and Silver.

They also have this new liquid liner, called ColorStay Skinny Liquid Liner. 


As the name stated, the brush is really skinny. Very fine with 0.1 mm for that perfect skinny look. Same like the pencils, they are waterproof and long lasting. There are 7 shades available: Blackout, Black Brown, Electric Blue, Green Spark, Amethyst, Gold and Silver. Cost more expensive than the pencil type (Rp 99.000 each while the pencil cost Rp 75.000 each), I found this skinny liner great to apply after fake lashes application. Not to mention, they’re also great for that flick!

Check out the swatches I’ve made on the back on my hand (I’ll update once I put them on my eyes).


The thicker ones is the pencil (Sapphire), and the thinner one is the skinny liner (Electric Blue). The pencil ones was more greenish than the skinny liner. 


The Silver ones are quite intense with shimmer, thought the pencil ones was more intense than the liquid ones. Perfect for party look.


Hmmm….purple eyeliner. What do you think? Amethyst is such a pretty color.


I have no argument for their Black Eyeliner (pencil form), but judging from the swatch of the Gold Liquid Liner, it wasn’t as intense as the other colors, but as shimmery as the Silver ones. 

So, which one is your favorite? They are now available at REVLON’s counter in Indonesia. Go check them out. 


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