Not so confident of wearing one, thanks to that ugly dark shadows on your armpits and knees? Well, afraid not as SATTO comes with range of body care products to tackle this beauty situation. 


Not a new brand in Indonesia, SATTO has been around since 2009. This year, they sort of relaunch one of their star product “Whitening C-Scrub”. I was invited to SATTO’s event this week and given these hamper to try at home. Read on for the reviews. 

SATTO Hand & Body Whitening Goat Milk Triple Moisturizer: As the name stated, it contains goat milk extract. With white opaque creamy texture, it did brighten instantly. Need to apply sparingly and blend until fully absorbed, or it might left a white powdery stain on your skin. Scent might be overpowering once applied, but toned down after a few minutes into a more subtle fresh scent. No worries, there are no goat milk scent or so whatever. Use this after scrubbing for maximal result. 


SATTO Body Scrub Enriched With Orange Whitening: Refreshing orange scent, which I love. Not to opaque as the hand & body moisturizer, with soft and tiny granules. Recommended to use while showering, scrub in circular motions and rinse thoroughly. Unlike C-Scrub which targeted for dark parts of our body, I use this all-over. Result: brightening effects and moist skin. 


SATTO Hair Tonic Serum: Liquid, dark brown color hair tonic. Very strong ginseng scent, I might say. But those ginseng (supposedly) will make our hair stronger, softer and shinier. Not only ginseng, it contains aloe vera and vitamin E too. Haven’t got the chance to try this yet, but I’ll update this review as soon as I tried this. Recommended to use after shampooing while massaging it slowly to the scalp to get maximal result. 


Last but definitely not least, SATTO Whitening C-Scrub: Super effective to minimise the appearance of dark shadows on that specific parts of our body (read: armpits, bikini lines, knees, elbows). Similar granules texture like the Orange Scrub, but C-Scrub is more opaque (see pics below for textures). Make sure you scrub evenly while showering and do not miss a single dark spot. Since there’s no way I’m going to exposed my armpits pics here (LOL), I decided to try on my knees. See the before-after pics below. 


I know, right? You can tell from the before picture on the left, my knees look dark. And after scrubbing with C-Scrub, voila! It turned brighter and whiter, I’m so impressed with this body scrub, really! Turned out, SATTO Whitening C-Scrub proclaimed itself as the first and the best scrub in Indonesia, made exclusively for sensitive and moist areas. So yes, after my experience with my whole knees and legs, I’m gonna go for those more ‘sensitive’ parts and put on my bikinis afterward. Here comes summer!!!!



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