It’s going to be a colourful summer, indeed!

These slip ons from RIVIERAS, definitely fit in to my style motto. Never sacrifice style for comfort and vice versa. Guess what? Even Vogue Italy already proclaimed that Slip-Ons are THE Shoes for Spring Summer 2015. 

Originated in France, now RIVIERAS has one flagship store in Plaza Indonesia Level 4, Jakarta, Indonesia. I love their store that built like you were on a yacht. I can see that the owner loves Grace Kelly that much (her black and white photos were all over the wall). And no wonder, considering these shoes did add the touch of chic 1950s to our style. 

And you can’t miss those lovely colourful shoes boxes, displayed neatly to create their own art wall. 

They do carry range of series, including the latest Spring Summer 2015 Collection. Renowned as a summer moccasins, this season they do play with lots of colours, from pastels to bolder ones.

Went to the store for the launch of SS 2015 Collection, I completely overwhelmed and spoilt by so many choices (duh, who wouldn’t?). But a girl gotta choose, so I went for SULTAN 30degrees style. 

As you can see, SULTAN style came in 4 lovely colours. And I went for the Bordeaux ones. Personally, I believe that they will rise to any occasions whatever I’m wearing. 

Even though RIVIERAS remind me of the royalty who hangs around at the European beaches, they’re not just for the holiday, people! Guys will look great with a pair of these and casual bermudas, gals will look chic with a pair of these and capri pants! Not to mention, I love the fact that they’re lightweight and super comfy, too. As they are named leisure shoes, please don’t think too much of mix and matching them with the colour of your outfit. Just put them on and let them speak by themselves. 


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